Official announcement for Ryan Kent’s transfer: “We are negotiating with Fenerbahçe”

Dinamo Zagreb's head coach, Sergej Jakirovic, made a surprising statement about Ryan Kent during a press conference.

, who was acquired by during the summer transfer window but struggled to find playing time and was decided to be released from the team, has attracted an unexpected suitor.

Interest from Croatia

Sergej Jakirovic, the head coach of in the Croatian League, revealed their desire to add Ryan Kent to their squad.

Sergej Jakirovic stated the following during the press conference:

“We are in talks with Fenerbahçe regarding the transfer of Ryan Kent. Kent is a player of European caliber. We will see whether we can finalize the transfer or not.”

Played 15 matches with Fenerbahçe

Ryan Kent, who has only played in 15 matches for Fenerbahçe this season, contributed with 1 goal and 2 assists in these games.

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