Kartal wants a reinforcement transfer for the stopper position!

Fenerbahçe Technical Director İsmail Kartal wants the first reinforcement to be made at the stopper position in the interim transfer.

It is claimed that the Yellow Navies are looking for a player who will not go to the African Cup, while it is also claimed that they are looking for ways to dispose of due to the foreign limitations.

Fenerbahçe, which continues its unbeaten run in the Super League and Europe and will add the Turkish Cup to its competition in the coming days, wants to secure their defense.

Luan Peres' uncertain return to the pitch, Serdar Aziz's frequent injuries and recent atroscopy, and 's 6-week absence from the pitch have prompted the technical committee to take action.

According to the news of Sabah Newspaper; İsmail Kartal asked the management to buy a stopper in January. Yellow – Navy management has started to work to fulfill the request of his coach Kartal, who has signed a great performance.

While they are looking for a name that can compete with the Becao-Djiku duo, one of the most important criteria is someone who will not go to the African Cup. They are also looking for ways to get rid of Luan Peres due to foreign restrictions.

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