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Get to Know FC Lugano: Fenerbahçe’s Champions League Qualifying Opponent

Fenerbahçe's opponent in the Champions League is Switzerland's FC Lugano team.

is the team that will face in the second qualifying round as they aim to enter the . The Swiss team, which has a broad squad, finished second this season.

The team is coached by Swiss manager Mattia Croci-Torti. Their roster includes players from , Greece, , Kosovo, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, and many other countries.

The most valuable player on the team is 25-year-old forward Zan Celar. The Lugano team includes players like Albian Hajdari, Lukas Mai, Ayman El Wafi, Leonid Srdic, and Matim Marques.

This season, the player who contributed the most goals to the team is Zan Celar, with 14 goals and 3 assists.

The player who contributed the most assists is Renato Steffen, with 13 assists and 6 goals.

Lugano finished the 2023-2024 season in second place, behind Young Boys, with a total squad value of 35 million Euros.

In the attacking line, Lugano has players like Zan Celar, Vladi, Przybylko, Babic, and D'Agostino, while their midfield includes names like Gimignani and Bottani.

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