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Call from Fenerbahçe Club to Congress Members!

Fenerbahçe has issued a call to its members, emphasizing that the systematic mistakes made for years are now being acknowledged by other clubs as well. The Yellow and Navy Blues declared that they will continue the struggle and will not give up on pursuing the claims.

Here is the call made by Fenerbahçe Club to the club and :

“Dear Valuable Member,

Having crowned your Fenerbahçe affiliation and loyalty with your membership in the congress, you have become the official representative of millions of Fenerbahçe fans.

It has been highlighted that for years, Fenerbahçe has been subjected to significant injustices both on and off the field, with systematic errors now being acknowledged by other clubs. The struggle against these injustices will continue, and the pursuit of claims will not be abandoned, as declared by the Yellow and Navy Blues.

Our beloved Fenerbahçe has been systematically subjected to injustices throughout this season as well, enduring unfairness both on and off the field, with the club fighting against injustice and a corrupt system being evident to all of us.

Although names, roles, and fields have changed over time, the delay, exposure to injustices, and unjust approaches consistently applied to Fenerbahçe have remained unchanged. The reality of systematic injustices faced by our community is now more apparent than ever.

Recent resignations in the referee community, unprecedented public statements, allegations discussed in sports programs, and comments on referee administrations all share a common thread with the systematic injustices that our community has been expressing for years.

At this point, it is undeniable that Turkey needs a restructuring in line with an unquestionably clean football philosophy. As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, we will fight relentlessly on this path.

We will not give up on the claims, and we will demonstrate our determination to thoroughly investigate all aspects of the matter through the steps we take.

Our Board of Directors is committed to a serious struggle both for the championship in the current season and for a clean and fair national football outside the field.

We know that throughout its history, Fenerbahçe has never turned away from what it knows to be right, has fought the necessary battles, and has faced every kind of difficulty, including the attack on July 3rd.

It is time for the entire community to fight against the unjust system and systematic evil that Fenerbahçe's referees have been forced to confront. We will not hesitate to fight until the end.

Our valuable members, we request from you:

Without abandoning the reflex of being aware of everything, let us stand shoulder to shoulder, united and whole, in the stands, on social media, in away matches, and everywhere Fenerbahçe is present.

Creating awareness about our club's struggle, supporting Fenerbahçe's success, and thus achieving peace by putting an end to the system that has systematically hindered its progress for years will be the most crucial element.

By focusing on Fenerbahçe, supporting our team step by step with your unique support in challenging times, and standing by our goals, your support and ownership hold greater importance than ever before.

/ Fenerbahçe Sports Club”

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