Rıdvan Dilmen analyzes Başakşehir vs. Fenerbahçe match

Renowned commentator and former Fenerbahçe footballer Rıdvan Dilmen analyzed the Başakşehir - Fenerbahçe match on the "100%" program broadcast on TV8.5.

Commenting on the Turkish Super League match played in the 22nd week, where won 1-0 with Michy Batshuayi's penalty goal in the 90+4 minute, said, “Difficult years are passing for Fenerbahçe supporters. Probably, fans did not watch the last minutes. There is such a competition that hearts cannot endure. If there was a point loss today after the points lost in Kadıköy, the pressure on Fenerbahçe would have increased even more,” he commented.

“This is the pressure of the last 10 years.”

Addressing Fenerbahçe's recent trend of scoring only one goal in matches and playing under stress, the famous commentator stated, “Fenerbahçe, who used to score 7, 4, and 3 goals, now scores only one goal in recent matches. This is the pressure of the last 10 years,” he said.

“Fenerbahçe's most crucial player…”

Regarding the absence of Osayi Samuel and Fred in the Fenerbahçe team, the former national footballer stated, “In the absence of Osayi, you benefit from the speed of and . The most crucial player for Fenerbahçe is Oosterwolde.” he explained.

“Those who love the rose, endure its thorns.”

Evaluating İsmail Kartal's decision to switch to a double striker formation in the eBaşakşehir match, after substituting and finishing the game with a single forward in the match, the famous football figure said, “, who did not show the courage in the Samsun match, showed it today, albeit late. Those who love the rose, endure its thorns. Everyone expected Fenerbahçe to start the second half with Batshuayi after received a red card at the end of the first half. It was very surprising for me that there was no change at the beginning of the second half,” he expressed.

“Fenerbahçe's leader is Ali Koç.”

Recalling Fenerbahçe President 's statement on a television program where he said, ‘As long as I am the president, Fenerbahçe cannot become champion,' the sports commentator stated, “The leader of Fenerbahçe is Ali Koç. He built a fantastic squad in five years, but while the 9-year pressure continued, during the crisis in Saudi Arabia, he said an interesting thing to Mr. Mehmet. ‘As long as I am the president, Fenerbahçe cannot become champion,' he said. Fenerbahçe fans left the match after the Samsun match ended 1-1. The pressure started then,” he said.

“The race is a race of taking risks.”

Rıdvan Dilmen said that İrfan Can Kahveci and Cengiz Ünder should play together and added, “The race is now a race of taking risks. If Galatasaray had the chance, they would bring Bakambu from Africa. We also see that İsmail hoca's concern reflects on the player group. A team that scored 59 goals, a team with goal-scoring skills. İrfan Can Kahveci and Cengiz Ünder can play together,” he said.

“Fenerbahçe played anxiously.”

Stating that Fenerbahçe played an anxious match, the former footballer said, “Mr. Erden today delivered the message of ‘We are together' that he gives once every two months. There is currently no unity problem with Fenerbahçe's fans. As the minutes passed, Fenerbahçe played anxiously. İrfan and Cengiz say, ‘Can't we play together?' Fenerbahçe today achieved a more valuable victory than the victory against Antep,” he concluded.

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