Post-Match Statements by Fenerbahçe Coach Ismail Kartal Following the Galatasaray vs. Fenerbahçe Match

Fenerbahçe defeated their arch-rivals Galatasaray 1-0 despite playing with ten men for 70 minutes, keeping their championship hopes alive until the final week. After the match, Fenerbahçe's coach, Ismail Kartal, made several statements.

Regarding the discussions about a new coach, Kartal said, “They tried very hard to bring me down, both from within and outside the . Finally, there were rumors about a new coach. I stood firm. They demoralized my players. Talks about agreements with a coach before a do not befit . I leave them to God.”

Following Fenerbahçe's 1-0 victory over , Kartal spoke about his halftime talk with his players when they were down to ten men.

In the 37th week of the , the derby saw Fenerbahçe visiting Galatasaray. Despite being a man down for 70 minutes, Fenerbahçe defeated their rivals 1-0 and extended their hopes to the final week.

Post-Match Comments from Fenerbahçe Coach Ismail Kartal

After the match, Kartal said, “We prepared well. Whether we had 11 or 10 players, the team fulfilled my instructions perfectly. Even after going down to ten men, the game remained balanced. We didn't play defensively. Before the second half, I told the team, ‘You will play for two, covering for your teammate. Even with ten men, I want you to fight as if you are eleven.' The we scored was from a set play we practiced. I wholeheartedly congratulate my players. It was an unforgettable night, defeating a Galatasaray team unbeaten in 21 matches. We stood firm against the efforts of social media trolls trying to bring us down. The whole of Turkey saw our fight.”


Regarding the rumors of new coach negotiations, Kartal said, “I invite all Fenerbahçe to the match. They should come to the championship match. I believe we will be champions. They tried hard to bring me down, both internally and externally. Recently, there were rumors about a new coach. I stood firm. They demoralized my players. Talks about agreements with a coach before a derby do not befit Fenerbahçe. I leave them to God.”


In his statement, Kartal revealed his halftime talk with the players, saying, “I told my players, ‘We will fight as if we are eleven. You will also fight for your teammate who was sent off. In the second half, you will play as if it is 11 vs. 11. I trust you, I have always trusted you. You are very characterful players.'”

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