Jose Mourinho Discusses Transfer Challenges with Portuguese Press: “Player Costs are Too High”

Fenerbahçe's Head Coach, Jose Mourinho, made striking statements regarding transfers. Emphasizing the costs of the players they are interested in, Mourinho provided examples by naming players.

, 's Head Coach, gave exclusive statements to the Portuguese press outlet Sport TV. also touched on Fenerbahçe's agenda.

Highlighting that the transfer window has just opened, Mourinho explained the biggest challenge they are currently facing with the words, “The cost of the players we are looking for is very high.”

On the other hand, the experienced coach gave a noteworthy answer to the question, “Will any player currently playing in come to Fenerbahçe?”

Once again emphasizing the cost and expressing that young Portuguese players are not keen on coming to Turkey, Jose Mourinho used Joao Neves as an example.

The Portuguese coach said, “The players I want from Portugal are beyond our means. Ultimately, young players would fall outside their targets in Turkey. For instance, Joao Neves would not come to Fenerbahçe at this point in his career.”

Mourinho also touched upon the match they will play against in the 2nd qualifying round of the , concluding his words as follows:

“Of course, we want to win, but fortunately, the second match is at our home. Let's see if we can hold the score in the first match, and we'll do our best in the second match.”

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