Dusan Tadic Speaks to Serbian Media: The Definition of This Passion is Impossible!

Fenerbahçe's star acquisition at the beginning of the season, Dusan Tadic, shared his thoughts on Fenerbahçe and Turkish football with the Serbian press. The Serbian star particularly used noteworthy expressions about the football passion in Turkey.

Dusan , one of the stars added to its squad at the start of the season, seems to be greatly influenced by the passion here. The Serbian player shared his views on Fenerbahçe and with his country's media outlet Kurir.


Highlighting the football passion in Turkey and the enthusiasm of the , stated, “It's impossible to describe this fanaticism. I don't think such a thing exists anywhere else in the . One of the reasons for coming to Fenerbahçe is this. A fan base that unconditionally loves the club and does their best in every match… Foreigners cannot believe it until they see it with their own eyes.”


Acknowledging the challenges that the football atmosphere creates for players, the Serbian star said, “On the other hand, playing in such a club is not easy at all. Because there is immense pressure. Frankly, it reminds me a bit of things here. In Turkey, Greece, and Serbia… Our approach, in terms of fanaticism, is similar. And of course, today you're the best, and tomorrow you're the worst.”


Tadic mentioned that the atmosphere in Turkey doesn't bother him much as a Serbian, saying, “Everything was completely different in the Western countries where I was, and it wasn't limited from today to tomorrow. Here, it's the opposite, and everything can change suddenly. It doesn't bother me. Overall, it's the same for us, so I quickly adapted.”


Speaking the race, the experienced player said, “Fenerbahçe hasn't been a champion for 10 years. Such a thing has never happened in the club's history. Fans eagerly await this title… Many big names, good players have come. They are very pleased, but at the same time, they want a championship. It won't be easy. is also very strong. They are two points ahead, but we believe in ourselves. Fans are aware of our passion and energy, and we have incredible support.”


Commenting on the passion in the match, which ended 2-2, Tadic emphasized the enthusiasm to Kurir, saying, “It's truly crazy. Every match here is magnificent because the stadium is always full, and the fans cheer from start to finish.”

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