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Sadettin Saran Withdraws from Fenerbahçe Presidency Candidacy

Sadettin Saran announced his withdrawal from the candidacy for the presidency of Fenerbahçe.

Saran expressed his support for , who declared his candidacy.


“As is known, regarding our 's upcoming Ordinary Election Congress, we have repeatedly stated with our reasons that if our , Mr. Ali Koç, is a candidate, we will not be candidates, and otherwise, we are candidates with our team to manage our club.

Due to the President's candidacy decision not being clarified for a long time, taking into account the short time left until the elections, we were forced to make a press statement a few days ago. By May 10th, if the President did not express a clear intention to continue in office, we had stated unequivocally that we would be unconditionally willing to take on this sacred duty as of Monday, May 13th.

On May 10th, Friday, at 16:00, the President called us to express his desire for a meeting, and as of today, at 12:00, he honored us along with his fellow executives.

First of all, we thank the President for his sincere visits today and for the appreciation expressed by the public for our stance, discourse, and actions regarding the process.

We would like our esteemed community to know that we have had detailed consultations on the current situation of our club in this meeting and that we have reached agreement on highly important issues for its future.

Our President sincerely spoke to us about the club's future plans, expressing his desire to continue in office for a successful, united by explaining his goals in the service race for Fenerbahçe.

It should be known definitively and clearly that the highest interests of Fenerbahçe are above all personal ambitions and egos.

Our common motivation with the President is this.

We hereby express our determination not to surrender to the vulture culture that desires to manipulate Fenerbahçe, the world's greatest sports club, for its own selfish ends; to divide, fragment, and alienate it, and even to derive power from our club's possible failures.

On this occasion, we wish the continuation of the services of our President to our club with a brand-new spirit and formation, and we withdraw our candidacy in favor of our President Ali Koç in the upcoming ordinary election congress with our friends.

We wish our elections to be beneficial to our community and Turkish sports and offer our deepest respects.

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