Acun Ilıcalı on Fenerbahçe’s Transfer Moves: “Bringing Our Coach’s Top Pick”

Fenerbahçe Vice President Acun Ilıcalı stated that they would bring in a player requested by Jose Mourinho for the forward position. Ilıcalı mentioned that Samardzic is not on their transfer agenda and said, "We are bringing the number one on our coach's list. It's not finished yet, but we are in the final stages."

Acun Ilıcalı, a member of 's board of directors, answered questions about transfers on Haber Global as Fenerbahçe continues its preparations for the new season.

Regarding the , Ilıcalı said, “We are bringing the number one on our coach's list. It's not finished yet, but we are in the final stages. We provided another list. Don't get me wrong, this list is composed of the top and star players that Fenerbahçe's scouting team currently deems most suitable for Fenerbahçe. And for example, our coach said ‘No' to such names for the forward position that we were surprised. Why does he say ‘no'? He explains, saying ‘This player is not involved in the game. Will he score goals? Yes. But I need a player who is involved in the game.' I don't want to mention any names because it wouldn't be appropriate for us to publicly evaluate any player. But our coach has a plan in mind, and hopefully, the number one player for that plan is coming. There's also another plan for a different position. Think of it as wanting a fast left winger. A dribbling left winger. According to this plan, a name suitable for that position will come.”


Acun Ilıcalı said that many players have received offers, “ and have received offers. Offers are coming in for our players. There are many offers. There is a persistent team for . Offers will come, this is very normal. Keeping the squad intact is a great success. Despite so many offers, we need to keep in the team. If he leaves, our job is to find and bring in someone better.”

Stating that Ferdi Kadıoğlu will stay in the team if he doesn't want to leave, Ilıcalı said, “Let me be clear, Ferdi is very valuable to our . If Ferdi doesn't want to leave, we won't sell him. The only thing that can break this spell is if Ferdi says he wants to leave. Then our president will demand that astronomical offer. An offer above 30 million euros could come for Ferdi. It would be a record. Even then, if Ferdi says he doesn't want to leave, he won't.”


Regarding Michy Batshuayi, who transferred to Galatasaray, Ilıcalı said, “This is a very clear situation, not a topic for debate. Batshuayi was Fenerbahçe's player. If Fenerbahçe wanted, they could have extended Batshuayi's contract before it expired. Everyone has a value in football, right? It needs to be a feasible situation for us. Looking at it, Batshuayi would have been our third forward if he had stayed. Now think about it; we are bringing in a star forward, there's world-renowned , and Batshuayi would already be third in this ranking. The player we see as third demanded a significant amount of money from us, and we said, ‘Sorry, we can't give you this money.' When we didn't offer it, Batshuayi said ‘Okay,' and ‘I'll go to another club.' His agent clearly told Mario this. Mario's response was ‘Good luck to you.' After that, Batshuayi left.”


Acun Ilıcalı stated that wants to stay with the team. Regarding Dzeko's situation, Ilıcalı said, “Let me be clear, Dzeko wants to stay. He is very happy. He is a very quality player, and we want him to stay. Our coach is also satisfied, so at this stage, Dzeko is staying. But let's not forget in football; while you are walking normally, someone might come and make such an astronomical offer, say a club from Arabia brings 30 million euros for Dzeko, then it's up to our president's discretion, I can't say anything about that. But right now, Dzeko is happy, we are happy, and of course, he will stay.”

Stating that is not on their transfer agenda, Ilıcalı said, “Samardzic is not on our agenda. He is not on our agenda.”

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