Fenerbahçe executive Selahattin Baki: “Galatasaray openly lied to everyone!”

Selahattin Baki, a member of the Fenerbahçe Sports Club management, made statements on Hodri Meydan YouTube channel.

Fenerbahçe executive made statements on the YouTube Channel.

“We wanted to put an end to manipulation.”

“What can we say? After watching what happened in yesterday's match, in an extremely sportsmanlike and low-tension environment where everyone shook hands and left, we wanted to put an end to the manipulation made by Galatasaray officials.”

“It has become Galatasaray's tradition.”

“In such critical times for the country, as a community reflex, we usually don't talk much after matches. In this period when even our Minister of Sports has taken responsibility, manipulating based on a fixed position with images that prove it is a lie is truly incredible. I congratulate them truly on perception. The managers change, but the attitude does not. These perceptions have become their tradition”

“This is the behavior befitting them.”

“Let's look at the position between Djiku and Icardi. There is no connection with what they stated and the facts. Video analyses clearly show; Djiku's right hand does not touch Icardi in any way, but they are trying to complicate things by using expressions like ‘right hook,' but this is the behavior befitting them.”

“They do this when the first match is in Kadıköy.”

“Whenever the first match is in Kadıköy in the fixture, they make speeches about the unifying power of football, civilization, and the like. Now they have passed the Kadıköy derby without any incidents. The next derby, if not drawn in the cup, will be at their field. In this way, they got what they wanted; now they are practically declaring war. Nobody believes them anymore.”

“They openly lied to everyone.”

“People who lie so openly in front of everyone, I leave it to the public's appreciation what they do behind closed doors.”

“Didn't they talk in the 2nd week?”

“They say we don't talk, and so on. Haven't you talked about referees in the second week? They have a habit: if there is a mistake in their favor, ‘oh, let's not talk about the referee, friendship, brotherhood,' but when there is a position they don't like, they start shouting and yelling at the highest volume.”

“Cleanliness has been achieved through posters.”

“Presenting the undone as done was something experienced in Turkey years ago by a group. We see that cleanliness has only been achieved through posters. The mindset continues in the same way.”

Abdülkadir Bitigen

“We wanted a foreign referee.”

“We will play in a significant derby in Saudi Arabia. We applied for a foreign referee. This derby is a worldwide one. Perhaps for the first time, it has become a situation that could attract the attention of foreigners. We wanted a foreign referee to play that match in a way that is free from the absurdities in our country. Instead, Abdulkadir Bitigen, who was already appointed, was given. We were uncomfortable with the assignment of Arda Kardeşler, and we are 100 times more uncomfortable with Abdulkadir Bitigen. Just having VAR referee in the Rize match is enough; nobody has forgotten Diagne's scandalous goal. Really, our patience is running out.”

“We just responded.”

“Our statement was a response. Those who see their second statements act as if we made a statement on our own. You are the one who made the statement, you are the one who shared the image…”

“Because of Erden Timur.”

“They have a different mentality in a completely parallel world. When we came to power, we said ‘friendship' again by buttoning our jackets. They should be ashamed of bringing us to this point. Especially because of the vice-presidents who intervened from the middle, things have come to this point. All the words that come out of his mouth are threatening, warlike, we will prevail, we will not submit, we will not end the league. And then he says, ‘I am a 14-month executive, I made a mistake, I apologized a hundred times.' Everyone can make a mistake, but if every word that comes out of your mouth in 14 months is like a line from a mafia movie, either you are intentionally stirring up trouble, or your nervous system cannot handle being in this position.”

Selahattin Baki

“The team is a hindrance to them.”

“Fenerbahçe has been fighting with a serious structure for years. These attacks have increased three to five times due to our president's identity. Since the beginning of the season, they have been trying to distance us from the race. The team's fantastic performance hinders this.”

Fred Rodrigues

Fred's red card

“In these conditions, we went to the derby without saying a word, we are going through a period where our state elders mediate. Everyone is uncomfortable with this atmosphere. We did our best, but it's challenging to explain…”

Kayserispor - Fenerbahçe

“May the evil eye not touch the team.”

“May the evil eye not touch, but our squad this year has a community consciousness. They are trying to deserve the money they receive, the jersey they wear. They have rallied around Coach Ismail. We have a fragile structure in recent years, but with players and our coach showing leadership like Dzeko, Tadic, İrfan Can, Fred, and our coach not allowing any breakage, we are currently in a leading position both in the league and in Europe.”

Transfer announcement

“Everyone is working on every name in the football branch from the president. We are in constant communication with Coach Ismail. If our coach wants 1-2 transfers, everyone will know. We are trying to carry out these affairs quietly and deeply.”

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