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Insights from Fenerbahçe’s Top Figures: Views on League Withdrawal Revealed!

Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç met with former executives for dinner. During the event, discussions were held, and views on withdrawing from the league were shared.

Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç met with former executives for dinner ahead of the extraordinary general assembly on April 2nd. The topic of withdrawing from the league was prioritized, and various options were discussed.

According to Hürriyet's report, former president of , , said, “The common point is; let's support the management in every way, but let's not withdraw from the league.”

, a former executive of Fenerbahçe, stated, “Forget about withdrawing from the league. Even if you do, remember that the Federation () remains the same, the referees remain the same, remains the same, they are all the same.”

Kiğılı also expressed his willingness to do everything possible to bring Aziz Yıldırım and Ali Koç together.

Şekip Mosturoğlu said, “We should move from the mildest reaction to the harshest. After April 2nd, we can come out with black jerseys and protest banners for every match. Not taking to away games is also a stance.”

Metin Şen, a former executive who personally conveyed his views to Ali Koç, said, “Uncontrolled power is not power. Fenerbahçe should not be the only one to suffer from the decision to be taken. Withdrawing from the league is not easy, it has many dynamics.”

, a former presidential candidate and executive of Fenerbahçe, drew attention to the possible situation after the decision to withdraw from the league.

Belgü raised issues such as the potential drop in stock prices and the stance of the Capital Markets Board (SPK).

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